Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mark Kennedy: the reek of desperation

Minnesota Senate candidate Mark Kennedy laid out an interesting new theory in his televised debate yesterday: he accused the Star-Tribune of completely fabricating its recent poll showing Amy Klobuchar ahead of him by 24 points. (The Star-Trib reports on his comments here.) Apparently, in the world inside Kennedy's mind, the editors of the Star-Trib gathered together and conspired to publish a "pure fiction" of a polling result, to favor Klobuchar's campaign.

What would have led a group of senior editors to betray their duty as journalists, and a for-profit corporation in California to risk discrediting the newspaper it owns? Because Klobuchar's dad was once a columnist for the Star-Trib, of course. And he was such a great guy, or somehow exerts such control over his former employer, that it is willing to lie, cheat & steal to help out his daughter's political campaign.

Kennedy protested that if his father's company had published a poll, it would have shown him to be ahead. Is that because your dad is also adept at publishing complete fictions, Mark?

His ludicrous, childish attack on this poll can only damage Kennedy more than the poll itself did. Who does he think he's going to persuade when his best response to negative news about his campaign is with wild, no-evidence conspiracy theories?

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