Monday, September 18, 2006

Is McCain alienating Republicans... or is Bush?

It's almost a pointless game these days to point out pro-administration bias in the Washington Post (inconsistently at least), but this biased headline deserves special mention: The Washington Post gives us a clear McCain's Stand On Detainees May Pose Risk For 2008 Bid - Opposition to Bush Could Alienate Republican Base. Is that the other Republican base that does not include John Warner, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Hagel Lincoln Chafee, Olympia Snowe, Colin Powell, and every traditional Republican who cannot recognize the massively intrusive government and unprecedented budgetary freefall that have been championed by the weird legion that has taken over both Washington and the GOP the past six years?

How about this headline: "McCain leads ever-widening rift of traditional Republicans shown to be alienated by Bush".

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