Thursday, July 26, 2007

Note to John Kline: your old superior officer from the Marines is using the term "war crimes" to describe the Bush administration. Where do you stand?

I posted about this below, but I can't get over how devastating this is. Think about this: a former Marine Corps Commandant and a national security lawyer from the Reagan administration are bringing up the term "war crimes" in condemning the lawlessness of the Bush administration. (Is this expression of righteous anger, from the solid right wing, enough to penetrate the idiot media echo chamber narrative of "opposition to the Bush administration = left wing, by definition"?)

The image of a senior Marine officer hanging out with Reagan, though, brings one image directly to mind, for those of us in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis: John Kline, our man in the House of Representatives, who never fails to conjure up images of himself in uniform rubbing shoulders with Reagan for his campaigns.

With one of the authors of this incendiary attack on Bush's Waffling On Torture having been the Commandant of the Marine Corps under Reagan, at the same time that Kline was a Marine colonel and aide to Reagan, Kline must be familiar with the Commandant under whom he served.

So the question for Kline is: do you think your hero Reagan's Marine Commandant has a good point, that Waffling On Torture is a disgrace and a betrayal of American values? Or are you going to keep lockstep with Bush in what your former superior officer, appointed Commandant under Reagan, believes to be a danger to our own troops and an open invitation to war crimes under the Geneva Conventions?

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