Saturday, July 28, 2007

Alberto Gonzales is losing it

I already posted about this a while back, but I cannot emphasize this enough: if you have not yet watched the "highlight" (or "lowlights"?) reel of Alberto Gonzales's testimony this week, as put together by Talking Points Memo, you desperately need to watch it right now:

"Highlights" of Alberto Gonzales testimony, July 24

There is so much you miss if you only read about the testimony or only read a transcript. Gonzales literally starts giggling and laughing like a little schoolgirl at several points, in the midst of spouting his endless stream of evasions, claims of ignorance, and plain old lies. He is literally cracking apart, and on the edge of jumping up on the table and singing "I'm a little teapot". Almost sad, to see what the cognitive strain of defending your fairyland universe in front of a skeptical nation will do to a man's mind - or might be sad, if he wasn't criminally complicit in it from the beginning.

Also a necessary read in the damning case against Gonzales, is "The Case Against Gonzales", laid out by Anonymous Liberal, which backs up the irrefutable case that Dr. Gonzo has feloniously lied to Congress. As Anonymous Liberal concludes by pointing out, there is no reason for any other step to be taken at this point other than for the Judiciary Committee to draft articles of impeachment for Gonzales.

Impeaching Gonzales now is a constitutional obligation for Congress just to uphold its dignity and to keep from setting a precedent that such flagrant contempt does not go without consequences. But of course, it also helps that impeaching Gonzales is also politically widely supportable, if not inexorably in demand from all sides; and that it will deprive Bush of one of his most vital retainers and enablers, and ensure that the Department of Justice finally gets the adult supervision it so desperately needs.

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