Saturday, April 08, 2006

Blogging the Amy Klobuchar - Barack Obama Rally

I went to today's Amy Klobuchar - Barack Obama Rally in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Mark Dayton was there too - I haven't seen two senators together in person since I was in New Hampshire.

Amy Klobuchar was great, and she'll make a great senator. Anyone who wants this country back on track should donate to her campaign, here.

Minnesota is ranked by the Cook Political Report as the only toss-up among Senate seats currently held by Democrats, but Klobuchar looks like a tough campaigner with broad appeal among Minnesotans. There's an outstanding chance the Democrats will not lose a single seat, while picking up the six rated as toss-ups from the Republicans. And if John Kyl's new perpetration of fraud on the U.S. Supreme Court in collusion with the DOJ, and/or a new indictment related to the incident, gets some legs among Arizona voters, the Democrats may get to pad their new Senate majority.

Obama was a thrill to listen to live, clapping amid five thousand other supporters, in a way you don't get from watching on a screen. He quoted Martin Luther King, our twentieth century Founding Father, several times, to define the positive vision of the America we are striving for - one where an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Obama also said he wouldn't have thought he'd be citing Newt Gingrich, but then he made good on Gingrich's wry observation that the Democrats would have a stellar slogan with simply, "Had enough?" Obama turned it into a litany: Had enough of spending $400 billion on a war that has made us less safe? Had enough of exploding the amount of debt ordinary Americans owe to Chinese and South Korean and Japanese central bankers, so the rich can get tax breaks to make them even richer? Had enough of warrantless wiretapping and the trampling of civil liberties?

...Well now that you put it like that... yeah, I sure have had enough.

He also compared the current administration's approach to a teenager with a six-pack and the keys to his dad's car: "There's no adult supervision in the White House today!" He got a huge reaction to that.

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