Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mike DeWine's checks and balances: if a Senator attempts to check the adminstration's power, he spends the balance of his life behind bars

Update on the disclosure penalties for Mike DeWine's Congressional Capitulation Act of 2006. Section 8 makes a felony out of disclosing any information about the warrantless domestic spying, with penalties of up to a one million dollar fine and up to a fifteen year prison sentence; and this is for any person who is authorized to receive information under the Congressional Capitulation Act or the old-fashioned FISA. This appears to mean not only staffers to the Congressional Capitulation Subcommittees, but judges, House members, Senators; they are all authorized to receive information by one of the two acts. So the oversight consists of a few members of Congress occasionally listening to some form of briefing - but if they communicate to anyone else what anything they learn in these briefings - say, that the administration is flagrantly violating criminal law, which is true now - your person you voted to represent you in Congress could be locked away for fifteen years. That is the "oversight" authority Mike DeWine proposes to give Congress.

That is why, when you think of Mike DeWine and his bill, you might find it accurate to associate him with Congressional capitulation.

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