Sunday, February 19, 2006

Another top Navy lawyer to the rescue of the American soul

Alberto J. Mora is a hero who stood up for American values - by persistently opposing the Pentagon's un-American new policy of treating detainees as untermenschen.

Former top Navy lawyer John Hutson has also been a tireless opponent of detainee abuse.

More power to them.

"Money quote", as Andrew Sullivan loves so much to say - this is Admiral Mora to the chief lawyer of the DoD: "Even if one wanted to authorize the U.S. military to conduct coercive interrogations, as was the case in Guantánamo, how could one do so without profoundly altering its core values and character?"

Here's more on Mora:

The New Yorker article

Marty Lederman's comments

Best of all, read Alberto Mora's memorandum, a tour de force of insistence on legal and moral principle.

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